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It’s not as hard as you think but it’s certainly not as easy for some people as it is for others.

I’ve always been kind of jealous of singers and musicians who picked up an instrument or started singing at the age of four and knew from that moment on that that was what they wanted to do.

It’s taken me 24 years to figure out what I’m passionate about and if you ask me how to put it into words I still sometimes struggle.

What I can tell you is that a lot of it has to do with listening to your intuition. Now don’t flake on me now because you don’t believe in intuition or you think I’ve gone too Buddha on you-this is the only way to find your passion. That’s how a four year old knows they want to be a singer, they’re filled to the brim with intuition.


This is what worked for me: I looked everywhere else.

For example, I asked myself what is something I know I’m not meant to do? Easy. Construction. I’m 5 foot 5 inches and 120 pounds-It’s not for me and I’m okay with it. Okay, what’s next? Do I want to be an engineer? Nope. Lawyer? Nope. Actress? Nope. Keep going until you hit something that somehow in someway sparks your interest.

Then look at that career that somewhat calls to you and look at the aspects of it that are intriguing and fun to you.

For me writing and blogging is what I want to do. When I sat down and asked myself these questions I had endless answers. I want to be a blogger so that I can reach a huge audience with my words and help to positively impact people’s lives. I want to be a blogger so that I can work remotely. I want to be a blogger because that sparks the creative side of me and it doesn’t feel like I’m ever working. I want to be a blogger because I want to network with other bloggers and like minded souls.

Now it’s your turn. Keep thinking of careers that are so out there that you would never even have considered going and getting trained for that job and cross them off your list. The list will get smaller and soon you’ll have a better idea of what you want. Then go do that thing in any way shape or form. Want to be a doctor but don’t know what kind? Go volunteer at a doctor’s office, ER department, and Oncology floor. Figure out what one you like and why and then keep testing out other things. The same goes for anything else. Don’t be afraid to do things for free-the lessons you’ll learn are seriously PRICELESS and in five years time you’ll truly realize there was no price tag for everything you were able to take away from that experience.


Find your passion and then help others find their passion too. Spread the good vibes my friends.

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