Words From A Digital Nomad: Why Millennials Are Not Inferior

We’re just changing the rules.

Picture via Instagram: Bocas del Toro, Panama

A week ago I was in Bocas del Toro.

If you’re like me, you had never heard of it until somebody mentioned it to you.

Bocas is in Panama, it’s an island with other islands surrounding it (yes that is a real thing). When I tell you it’s one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen I mean it. I spent my summer traveling through Central America and Bocas has landed itself in the Top 3 of that list.

After dinner one night while overlooking the Caribbean Sea, I ended up talking to somebody about my blog. This new friend asked me what I was hoping to accomplish through it and I told her, “I really want to help millennials find their passion so that they can create a job out of it.”

She looked at me and very politely said, “I’ve been working in the real world for over five years now and I’ve learned something very important. In order for this world to stay how it is, you have to have people across all industries and these people don’t have to necessarily love their job to do a great job. Millennials think they are entitled to having this dream job but it’s not realistic for our economy.”

I changed the subject.

Here’s the thing.

Not everybody sees it.

There’s a massive generation out there that spends their time thinking that millennials are inferior because:

1. We think we can live the lives of our dreams

2. We walk away from jobs that don’t suit us

3. We don’t want to work hard

This is a limited mindset. Older generations are looking at us with blinders on, consciously choosing to see us in a negative light instead of a positive one.

Yes, we believe and are doing all of the above but here’s the actual reality:

  • We have resources that give us the opportunity to live the lives of our dreams. Entrepreneurs are younger than they have ever been. Podcasts, Youtube and free ebooks are giving us the chance to sit in a room with billionaires like Mark Cuban, Elon Musk and Sarah Blakely. Millennials are smart enough to realize that these FREE resources will show us exactly how to create abundant and passionate lifestyles. We have hacked the education system and are now using it to go farther than a college degree would ever take us. We are damn brilliant.
  • From the age of 6–20 I don’t ever remember a member of Generation X that was insanely passionate about their job. I thought that everybody just settled for a decent paying job and hoped that they made it all thirty years to collect their pension. Then social media happened and opened my eyes to millennials that were refusing to settle. They were traveling the world, they were starting their own businesses and they were building lifestyles that had value. I walked away from the 9–5 route and never looked back. Hell yes millennials walk away from shitty jobs and we are proud. Why should our children grow up thinking that jobs are meant to suck and Mondays are the worst day of the week? We are going to show them that passion beats settling and Monday mornings are something to look forward to.
  • It’s true, millennials want things quickly. We want our Youtube videos to load in seconds, we want our salaries to continuously grow and we want to always be on the move. Somehow, Generation X took this and decided that this means we are lazy and entitled. I can’t speak for every millennial out there just as they can’t tell me every person associated with Generation X is fond of hard work. I can speak for myself, the millennials that I surround myself with and those that I follow online. We are working harder than ever and the difference is we’re not working how the older generation did. We’re working in a different way and that’s where the confusion lies. The older generation sees us on social media for hours and sitting on our computers in coffee shops staring at a computer screen. Then they make assumptions. I built my entire writing career in a coffee shop in Nashville, Tennessee. While they judged me for sitting on my computer for hours every day, I was step by step creating the career of my dreams. I scroll through social media looking for trends and making sure that I am keeping my personal brand up to date with what’s resonating best with consumers. Because of this I now travel the world and have a career that I am 100% passionate about. Just because millennials working looks different than how Generation X works does not mean that we are not working hard.

Millennials are not inferior to other generations, we have been assumed to be because we are doing things differently.

The best part?

We don’t care.

Assume we are inferior, we know we are not.

We are on the pursuit of building our lifestyle to suit us and not breaking ourselves down to fit our work schedule. Older generations don’t have to see our vision for us to keep working towards it.

Give us a few more years and they’ll be living in our vision, wondering why they hadn’t taken this route for themselves.

Ready to find your passion?

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Picture via Instagram: Right after I swam with Sharks in Coiba, Panama. I am a full time traveler and writer and am proud to say I am chasing my dreams and creating a life that provides me infinite happiness.

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